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tv   [untitled]    March 8, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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jomar been to washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. rand paul's wednesday filibuster drone on for thirteen hours but will it change the debate around the administration's remote assassination program we'll talk about that and more in tonight's poll and in case you didn't know today today is international women's day it's great strides toward equality but we can't stop now women may be our best hope to save planet i'll tell you why it's rights to take and it's going to college really necessary last deal stevens writes conversations with great guy so. are you ready to rumble joining me for tonight's big picture of awara forest cooper conservative commentator and senior fellow at the national center for public policy research to call williams democratic strategist and journey and marc harrold journey and libertarian commentator and thank you all for joining us tonight rand
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paul made headlines with his thirteen hour filibuster of the you know you typically filibusters are like you know the aide to senator coburn sounds an e-mail to the aide to harry reid saying shut the thing down it's like he didn't have to do this but on the other hand he brought up this issue of drones and administration policy in a time marc what i'm thinking. a lot of liberals and a lot of libertarians and frankly probably a lot of people in the middle are saying hey wait a minute this is a good topic well it's a great topic this shouldn't be a partisan issue whether the government can send a drone around and killed american citizen without due process on american soil that's not a partisan issue hopefully that's still an american issue and anyone looking at that says clearly the government can't do that it does violate due process i'm glad that it was brought to the forefront you know that any time a filibuster in this day and age is trending on twitter and just you know sometimes you want to cure apathy more than convince anybody of anything and i think this was a step towards not curing apathy but people got interested in it on one side or the
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other and i think a lot of people who don't usually pay attention to c.-span were watching c.-span instead of reality t.v. or something else so i thought it was a good thing but the fact that anybody would think that during these drone strikes could be legal without any due process or judicial oversight is not let me a partisan issue if you are going to hear anything not what eric holder said and he said a follow up email saying no that's not what i said but there is for gap in there nicole where you know somebody engaged in combat could be drawn straight to the united states i'm not sure what they were combat i mean since the patriot act yeah i mean air the department of justice did finally respond i guess say he was looking for some type of response from the administration and the administration has been saying for a while that they feel as though they have the constitutional authority to go down this road that they do have the constitutional authority if there is an american that is jeopardizing america interest that is engaging in terrorist acts on american soil that they have the constitutional right to do that and so eric holder
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you know has acknowledged that for years i mean wolf not years before a while now that they've had the authority to do this you know goes back to the bush yeah it does so for us of why it's a wonderful idea it's precisely because it was some one of the things that the bush administration demonstrated national security extremely important i commend this president for recognizing the seriousness of the problem and. i am not interested in a whole bunch of trials so i'm going to raise executive branch cutting the third branch of government the judicial branch out of the loop is a fine thing actually i think that's always a good idea generally speaking i mean if we're not talking about believing well i say i disagree not that we're not ever enemy combatants absolutely not and if you want to avoid drones coming in and and destroying your life don't threaten to blow up planes don't go in and blow up of buildings the president to say enemy combatant doesn't have the right to due process i mean absolutely not to give due process and when you get to meet your maker you get your last chance to plead your case and if he wants you to go and get your seminary why don't you go get your seven or eight
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wives otherwise you're no longer our problem mark and i don't agree if somebody is threatening to blow up a plane there are criminal charges if they're actually doing something immediately that puts third parties law enforcement military personnel somebody in immediate eminent danger of course the government can react and they will but these are preplanned strikes in other words if they come about ahead of time you send somebody you know looks as if you can arrest and what if obviously the government always protect itself and its citizenry but that's not what we're really talking about here are blowing up planes is not about making a political statement not about having a difference of opinion not a complaint to the i.r.s. that is a national security act of aggression and that's exactly why the government ought to respond the way that it is a national security issue but at the same time when these people are captured we don't really capture and fact if you want to simulate if you have to have them slager away are going to do not saying you had a they're actually actionable a yeah you know that would be fixed really easily if
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we just bring them in as the assassin attempted to assassinate ronald reagan but we're dealing with a situation so he's going to take it out with a drone strike or we're dealing with it no the fact that it's been twenty five or thirty years and we still are dealing with those matters we're saying this simple point if you have a problem with the united states there are puny of ways that you can bring those grievances forward we're. the most open society ever and they're here saying for president you should have the power to say that he's deciding that you're the guy who represents such a threat that easily sided he says that he's going to be judge jury and executioner reasons why he sits there and here is too she had to where it started it started we're in my stuff where an article to do is give the president the power to go around article three. first of all the article so we the article three interventions is a relatively modern invention know that and word out over a hundred years or one hundred years you took up to the civil war before you found
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instances where the court decided that it was their job to intervene in disputes with foreign nations foreign nationals or any of these things you've got to go and look up your history here the court the federal court is so you're saying that it wasn't until the civil war that the that we used judges and juries to determine that people were guilty of crimes should be put to death no i'm saying that it wasn't until then that the courts started arguing that they had a role to decide if the president and the congress that's were working out of national forest there's no evidence as a fact that it's upright and maybe related fact no it's not a completely irrelevant facts of fact i'm saying that it was a fact that the poise to me points to me anyplace in article one article two the part about the presidency where it says the president can order the killing of somebody without a judge without the article three saying so i don't know how many of you i have the other day i'll give you the actual answer a question or as actually as you know how to learn facts that is
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a it is called the war powers of a are going to run our lives on nuclear war and then the executive actually stand with the x. that's a separate issue we do not have and we have the actual instance of the thomas jefferson experience with the barbary pirates where the number one problem was the barbary pirates intercepting our own products as they were being shipped internationally and he acted without. unilaterally without the authority of congress and he took the problem out they singled out people by name they put bounties on them and he and i have been killed and it established the actually that was it was during the adams administration it was john weatherly sensors that on the show not oh you know when i say that i didn't say we have an american so i don't know him and i didn't think of what he said the president now have the authority to make a finding this person is an enemy of the state and must be removed that is just not true i'm saying that's in article one it's not an article that's not right and it's congress to do it but that's why but the point the original question was the
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president well actually let's move beyond that as i think we've all established our positions on this wasn't this really rand paul kicking off his presidential campaign you know i don't know you know now that rand paul is going to pick up the family business he's going to be the kind of kooky crackpot guy on the in the republican party who's perpetually running for president well on the far left part oh i don't a minority in my party in supporting the president in these actions and i think i'm in the majority however with the public on it but mr rand has set off a fairly significant amount of support even some of the old bulls came out to the senate floor to supporting john mccain criticizing him and john mccain on what mr mcconnell don't want mr cornyn they came out and supported him as well unfortunately this isn't the issue i would have made the to get my attention on but he isn't how do you want to go back to the locker court like he did when he started rambling an hour thirteen i mean they supported him have because it was a great political maneuver i mean basically at the end of the day you know to
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change the conversation from the g.o.p. being you know against well it was a rant against women and to changing the conversation to oh this is what the g.o.p. fans for today and to distract the american public about the other aspect of what the g.o.p. thant or it was a great political tactic that's why you thought mcconnell and them going to his during the filibuster mark as a libertarian don't you want. the actual libertarian candidate for president to be as high profile as possible don't you think what rand paul did is a good thing for the libertarians i do i think more and more people are seeing that i'd still think the g.o.p. will move center liberty center liberty instead of center right center libertarian i think that's where it's going i think people like justin ammash will carry on with ron paul is it a good thing it is a good thing i still would favor a third party as i still don't i still think to some degree in the g.o.p. you're going to have to to get economic conservatism you're going to have to give up on certain types of social tolerance within the g.o.p. but now is a good thing is he is he launching is twenty sixteen presidential bid absolutely i think so and this was quite a way to do it confirmed today are so meanwhile the republicans in congress sent
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a letter to the president saying we're really upset that you're going to cut back on part of obamacare that protects people with preexisting conditions and in fact here's the actual quote the letter read in part we believe allowing those with preexisting conditions access to health insurance is another worthy reason to reprogram these funds with your support we could help these americans get the care they need now this is this is a letter signed by john boehner by eric cantor by kevin mccarthy by you know by a bunch of republicans what what is going on here horace ok you guys always go with this hitler likes milk milk must be evil needless hate and i don't recall ever having said any of those publicans have never said republicans have never said and neither of conservatives that they hate health care or seeing to it that sick people have access to it what they have said is the way they just want to be almost like a block on the way mr obama said about doing it obamacare is
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a bad idea and they have consistently peppered him with a number of changes and improvements this is no different no this is this is part of obamacare that's going to expire yes i mean were they at in two thousand and nine when you know obama with pushing obamacare you know they were nowhere to be found in support of this and now all of a third because there's the thirteenth a test that. h.s. that's that's going to get underfunded that's now under find it now all of us said they want to seem like oh oh we're for preexisting conditions because it's the most popular item out of obamacare is the item that most of the american public is in favor of and that will benefit the most number of it's i just said just because hitler like milk doesn't mean we are going to get our to this is really about republicans figuring out finally that public opinion is in favor of people actually getting health care well i think in general i think everybody wants everybody have health care it's how you go about it is that amount of government involvement in i grieve nicole i think they found the one part that people seem to like an eight and
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they're not risking anything and they've gone after an ideological opposition to obamacare or for this type of health care program so i don't think that you really should if you're against it i think you should be against i don't really think you should piecemeal stick with your guns on this i mean maybe this is an improvement to something and and you're sort of only selling yourself this may lead to baucus even this is the one part of obamacare that really screws the health insurance companies or this isn't the purpose as there will be now must pay there were a number of ideas that were bipartisan ideas that several of us here probably might not have liked that were bipartisan west gracious rejected so they can claim down our throats the obamacare you should have exactly as they read it and now the republicans are now the republicans are saying oh it's expiring we don't like more of tonight's big picture well. let me let me i want to know what let me ask you a question. here on this board is we're having
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a debate we have or in. this space thing there's again we're in a situation where we talk about the name and we. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans
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call i don't know. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares an awful lot but you sir are a fool you know what kind of terrorist cells you want to give us to defeat terrorism a liberal chris. because you're totally out of the. you know the corporate media distracts us from what you and i should care about because there are profit driven industry that sells of sensationalistic garbage because that breaking news i mean martin and we're going to break that. looking for every doctor in the field that you won't find it here if you're looking for relevant stories unique perspective from tom my skin's in antarctica.
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although magnifies the big picture rubble joining me tonight are or a scoop or expert of the barbary pirates called williams and marc harrold let's get back to it ok the norwegian government said last week it wants to decriminalize the smoking of marijuana as a harm reduction measure smoking marijuana gets people high but it's less dangerous than injecting your life like. it overdose and you're less likely to get hiv and city oslo actually in trying to prevent hiv has an injection sites within the city where people can shoot up but sometimes we tried this here in the united states you know portugal did this in there and their rate of of heroin usage the rate of drug usage just drops to the floor well you know just use the legal end but at the same time you know what they're trying to do is trying to deal with an epidemic that is going on within their community in terms of hiv being created in terms of overdosing and you know they have a large population of folks who are out. hopefully by doing this that will reduce
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the mortality rate. it's a little tricky of an area for me you know not a fan of folks breaking the law but at the same time i do understand why they would try to institute these types of measures are you saying you're not a fan of people using marijuana and that kind of people just as i guess that. you know we know that there's about you know one or two percent of the population in any country of any people who are going to abuse drugs i mean this is you know it's probably some sort of neurological baseline deficit that just you know lends them toward a large percentage of them get addicted to things like heroin and tobacco and you know historically what we do is we just let them use those drugs you know first hundred fifty years of the history of this country originalists chorus you could be you could buy heroin in the drugstore in fact it was a brand name of barron comes with the help women deal with and for children from across the right of a state government in the united states to be able to ban that product is clearly and unequivocally constitutional now there's
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a different question here the wonderful what's good public policy and the wonderful lesson that the europeans show us in so many areas once again some crackpot idea let's let people have access to smoke here and instead of injected heroin if we follow the europeans down that path we follow them down the path once again of a direction this harmful for our country we're already. seeing the spike in marijuana use by teenagers in colorado just after passing the legalization there this is i would rather see teenagers smoking pot than either you know i'm sure progressives would love to see it nobody's going to i think any any any physician in america would rather see teenagers smoking pot than drinking alcohol but i don't know you made wasn't in amazing weren't we're not i'll bet if you were to pull it off record well name me tell me how many people have died the last hundred years from marijuana because zero fifty thousand people in a year die in the us it's from alcohol that some are already arresting people in seattle for mariana marijuana induced car accident yet driving all high well of
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course you can regulate behavior the same as the drinking the house where mark i think i'd probably go for this i mean. bottom line is that using drugs doesn't make you a bad person it's a health care problem getting your hands to do it makes you a dumb but doesn't make it a person but we don't regulate people on how smart they are down there is a bad choice hell is a very dangerous drug i'm against heroin use but i think the bottom line here is that you know decriminalizing these things and treat him like the health care problem they are people you're not a bad person you're not a criminal if you sell it to kids if you do conduct like you're on heroin and you crash a plane into a building i mean obviously that conduct should be regulated but this idea that drugs make you bad drugs are good or bad they're they affect the nervous system and human beings people make bad choices to use drugs that are not good for them but don't make a bad person drugs are a health care crisis they're part they're a health care problem and in some ways addicted to heroin they need to be treated like an addict like an alcoholic and this is what i see while this is never be the majority view this is what norway is going to say cannot examine
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a policy input into how it's a terrible idea and it is an idea that i will say you are like with the government invading people and the federal government to do and invade almost to make sure that they're not using heroin wrong make sure they have a better not using heroin at all to make sure that they have a. fire retardant blankets to make sure they want the government to make sure the laws are usera that they do all these are not just. for the record if you want to go through legs or the beard on here is no good use of heroin ok the record washes it every day or you know it's a pain killer that more fit there is no good use for recreational use of hair ok period for the record you want to be you want big government to be able to prevent people from recreationally using here just because i don't want people to commit suicide doesn't mean that i embrace the progressive agenda for the government you want every big big government to be right back up with everything else i gotta say daughter and i just want to be clear about it you know what big government when you love big government appearing at the senate banking hearing today yesterday actually senator elizabeth warren grilled officials in the treasury department over
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why criminal charges speaking of crimes were not filed and speaking of drugs were now filed against officials h.s.b.c. is a british bank that is what it is i think the second largest bank in the world and one of the seven largest banks the united states who helped launder hundreds of millions of dollars from drug cartels here's part of what she had to say. so what i'd like is you're the experts on money laundering i'd like your opinion what does it take how many billions of dollars do you have to launder for drug lords and how many economic sanctions do you have to violate before. someone who will consider shutting down a financial institution like this mr cohen all right so you're at the center of a way that as i said before turbo tax timothy geithner and his buddies are all getting a free ride it was a bad idea to make him secretary of treasury and this administration was i shot
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a bank and i don't think terry geithner had anything to do with it now he has done nothing has anything to do with you know with this drug cartel money there should be criminal charges mark we've got to show you the laws are disparately applied there it in a way this is crony capitalism are people getting away with things they shouldn't yes absolutely and i'm strongly opinion drug dealers go to jail drug launderers good. horace cooper nicole williams marc harrold thank you all for joining me today thank you. today is international women's day they that was originally created to celebrate women's economic political and social achievements and since the very first international women's day was celebrated nine hundred ten were of a tremendous strides when it comes to political economic and social power just as
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the all female crew that was on an air france flight. i'm an airbus three eighty the world's largest commercial airplane just decades ago the thought of an all female crew pilot in transatlantic flight on the world's biggest airplane would have been inconceivable unfortunately while women have made great strides across the globe and right here in the united states there is still a tremendous amount of work to be done according to a new report from the institute for women's policy research the pay gap here in the united states between men and women increased between two thousand and eleven and two thousand and twelve with women making on average one hundred sixty three dollars less per week than men the wage gap between women and men exists for high paying jobs as well and women are also significantly more likely to work in minimum wage paying jobs there is such a large disparity in the wherry wage gap that a woman's total lifetime earnings last of the wage gap could feed a family of four for thirty seven years this increase in the wage gap is despite
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the sign of the lilly ledbetter fair pay act by president obama in two thousand and nine which allows individuals who have faced discrimination to seek restitution under federal anti-discrimination laws so we have a lot of work to do when it comes to ensuring that women have equal rights and equal power in our country and that's where we need to do because men alone are not all that good for the world we need both of us as women get on an equal footing with men at all society prospers for example if women participation in the workforce increased it would do wonders for our economy according to a study by booze and company reason raising female employment to male levels would have a direct impact on g.d.p. of five percent in the united states even corporations would benefit from empowered women one of the biggest problems with women in the workforce today is that women aren't getting top positions in companies in fact thirty five percent of u.s. companies currently don't even have one single woman on their boards of directors.
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however various studies suggest that gender mix leadership actually helps companies boost their profits one study of similarly sized businesses show that those of the women on their boards actually outperform the ones with only men what if we encourage more women to be involved in politics right now women make up just about twenty percent of lawmakers in the united states and abroad. when women aren't out in the numbers by men in political office like they aren't washington they tend to speak up more about issues affecting the poor and vulnerable like protecting the social safety net research even shows a strong correlation between the number of female elected officials and government and less corruption of power there's a positive effect on government when women break into the so-called old boys club. but what about that growing wage gap what would happen if we brought that wage gap down and did more to make sure that women earn the same as men the average pay disparity between a man and woman in the united states is seventy seven cents on the dollar right now
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as i mentioned earlier and they make an average of one hundred sixty three dollars less than men each week that's bad news considering the women are increasingly the primary breadwinners in their families this means that as more and more women become primary breadwinners their pay becomes more and more vital for the survival of families and lower pay for women means that that survival was in jeopardy. level of pay for women isn't just important for their families it's also important for our nation economists suggest that closing the gender pay gap would be the equivalent of a giant economic stimulus which could grow the u.s. economy by three to four percentage points it's clear that women can do amazing things for our country from boosting our economy to rooting out corruption in government so much debate right now in america about female empowerment centers around women's health and well a woman's right to make her own health this is essential female empowerment
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shouldn't stop there we need greater access to a quality education identical opportunity to succeed in the workplace and as men and in politics in and in government women have come a long way across the first since the first international women's day in one thousand time when they couldn't even vote in the states and in some states were still legally the property their husbands but now is not the time to take a good enough approach when it comes to female empowerment our country women can save our culture our country and even our planet it's time for men to get out of the way for the good of all of us. after the break a college education is a key to a good job and a happy life or is it as dale stephens on tonight's conversations great.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture .
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of potentially deadly blizzard taking aim for the northeast it's expected to hit stunning in a few hours from new york to maine we have team coverage of the storm. but what we're watching is the very heavy snow moving into boston proper earlier today it was very sticky you can see it start to become much more cattery down so the bottom line there's still a lot of snow out here a good place for snowball fight. piece and it is kind of pretty incredible day there and even record snowfall throughout much of it might still be slog through driving listening words and see if you're exceptional. the worst you're going to face. the white house to give it to the radio guy and for a minute from a click of a. quote good good you never achieve anything like this i'm told.
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. for the eyes conversations the great minds i'm joined by dale stevens steele is the founder and brainchild behind un college an organization that provides resources for those.


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